Monday, December 22, 2008

We are still here.

Nothing has really changed over the past few weeks. It’s just, everything I have been doing; there has been a whole lot more of it. Paige M. had a birthday party. Alysa had her school’s winter concert. Then, Stella, Bryce, Paige M., and Paige I. had their winter concert. Please click on these links to see them. It's worth it. All of the kids have been doing great. I have added another girl to the group. She’s an angel. Really! Her name is Angel.

I made a trip to Build-A-Bear for the girls. This is a place where they get to build their own stuffed animals; to include the little heart that goes in it. They choose the clothes and the animal’s name. Before they check out, they’re awarded with a birth certificate and just in case it is lost they are registered on-line. This was such a rewarding time for the girls and me.

I had all the girls decorate some new stockings for my house. They each have one hanging on my wall for Santa to fill. After the glitter mess they made was cleaned up that is. The activities on the weekends have included everything from swimming, crafts, church to sledding. Mind you we’ve been getting hit by one storm after another. In between the storms we get hit by Lake Affect snow that is usually worse then the storm that created it. Right now we are getting hammered again with already two feet on the ground.

Stella’s emotions have been improving over the last several weeks and she’s been doing great at school. I have taken a very active roll in her school and it’s been paying off. Keri’s hasn’t been doing as well on her grades, but she’s working on that. They are both in counseling now. Keri is going once a week and Stella is every other week. I wanted to ensure that the have as much help as possible in dealing with the impact of the last few months and what is to come.

I will be getting out of the Army. I should be out by the end of January and back on the west coast. Stella is looking forward to it and despite Keri having a boyfriend; she’s looking forward to it too. I am a little scared to be getting out of the Army and giving up all of the benefits that I have been enjoying. I think it’s the right choice, because I can’t leave my kids again. The goal right now is to continue my retirement through a civilian government position. Take the separation pay and use it toward purchasing a house with land. I will talk more about this later.

I had to give Jasper a new home, because he out grew ours. He’s now living on a ranch. In reality, he was just way too big and he would accidently hurt the kids. Originally, we were told it was a black lab. I think that maybe a horse was mixed up in there somehow. When it out grew Storm, I knew that there was a problem. Now we have a German Sheppard puppy. (Holly) I have been able to see the parents and fortunately she won’t grow up to be as big.

Linda still has not received any counseling, nor has she been able to find a job. She hasn’t changed her ways either. The last conversation she had with me makes me hesitate to answer the phone next time. She resorted to calling me names in front of Stella. I don’t know what to do about her when I move.



Tabby said...

Hi Ken,

Glad to hear you and the whole troop is doing well. It sure looks like you have been keeping those munchkins busy. We have a build a bear store where I live all the kids love it. I love all the stockings above the chimney! The kids look so happy in the pictures and I just love the new puppy...awww! I take it from all your military pictures on the side of your blog you have been in the military for a long time. I sure hope the transition works out well for you and the girls. Merry Christmas!

Missie said...

I'm glad your all doing well! Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

Daphnye said...