Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Traveling West; Part 2

By May 8th, we arrived in the area where we wanted to live. We were planning on going to Washington State, but those plans were quickly changing. Keri wanted desperately to be near family and close to her childhood memories. That would be Roseburg, Oregon. Were my Niece, Heather, lives with her husband. Sounded real good except for unemployment rate being out-of-control, 5th highest in the nation! I didn’t really care where I lived. I just wanted to be near family and be where my kids wanted to be.

That way maybe they will not move so far away later, when they grow up. I know, I guess I’m dreaming. The kids and I agreed to take our time and travel the area and find where they enjoyed most. We traveled to the Portland area and have seen Mount Hood. We’ve traveled the coastline of Oregon and see the beauty of the Umpqua Valley. We have made it to the Portland Zoo, Wildlife Safari and Game Park. We even traveled through Seattle, Washington and thanks to Keri we travelled and seen just about every Twilight film shoot. I can tell you that Forks, Washington looks better on film. But it has been an exhilarated ride. We have done everything from camping to riding fairies.

In the end, most of May was spent traveling and seeing family, friends, and some wonderful sights. Keri and Stella have done and seen more this summer, then they ever have in their past. We finally settled down, though. We own our own home; a two bedroom mobile home in the country. My kids and animals are all doing great. My kids have already made new friends here. Both of my girls are now out taking care of their horses (leased). They help to clean stalls in exchange for riding/horse care lessons. The horses have been very therapeutic for Keri’s temperament. Thanks to out new friends; her first horse to learn with is a 17 hand, Percheron by the name of Katie. The horses started out to be Stella’s dream. She has always loved horses. Then I became Keri’s dream, even though she won’t admit it. She is coming back with a lot more confidence in herself and her life.

In the next 2 years, it has been agreed, when I move into our new V.A. home, it will be large enough to keep horses. And that mobile home, when it’s done will be Keri’s.

Here’s to hoping.


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Tabby said...

Hi Ken,

Well you and the girls sure have been on an adventure of a lifetime. I would love to be able just to drive around the country and find a place I liked to live. I am glad you are all settled now and the girls have those horses. It sounds like both you and the girls have made positive progress from what happened months ago with Linda. I wish all the best and look forward to more posts. I also loved all the pictures.