Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Continuing on:

--Wednesday, October 29th, I arrived at the Court House early. (I was able to get Karla to see Stella off to school.) This allowed me to get my paperwork in order and mentally prepare for the task of showing evidence of Linda’s disorder as an endangerment to the well being of our two children. I needed to present my case to protect the children and leave enough room in the orders for me to take care of Linda’s interests. The Judge was very good at understanding what I was trying to get accomplished. He asked me several questions, all of them involving Linda’s actions and the impact to children. It’s was difficult to not feel like I was betraying her. I stuck to the task at hand. The Judge awarded me with the Protection Order for Keri, Stella, our home residence and my place of employment. I was also awarded with temporary custody of Stella. While the Protection Order does prevent Linda with making contact with the children, the Judge ensured that while this Protection Order was in place that Linda would still be able to make contact with me for supervised visitation with Stella.

While the Orders were being type up by the Court Clerk, Danielle and I discussed what would be required next. I was responsible for serving the Orders on Linda, but couldn’t do so until Linda was out of the hospital. She set me up on the correct path and insured that I would call her prior to the next Court appearance on the 21st of November.

I left for Thompson Park to take a break and to take pictures of the snow fall. This allowed me to relax and straiten out my emotions. I can’t begin to describe the emotions that have been going through me. Anger: at myself, for allowing everything to come to this. Regret: for Stella and Linda both. Sadness: after finding myself alone again. Hesitation: wondering if I was doing the right thing. And so much more was running through my head.

I returned to Fort Drum, briefed the chain of command, notified the MP station and called Linda’s Social Worker with the information. Deb and I discussed the impact that this would have on Linda’s emotional state and how best to proceed. She needed a copy to ensure that I was legally able to appear at the Mental Health Department. So I made another trip to Watertown to deliver the copy and to drop off a few things for Linda. With most of my tasks accomplished, I returned back to the house. It didn’t feel much like a home anymore. I did some more work on the house and chatted with a few friends, then returned to Karla’s to meet Stella, Alysa, and Paige at the bus stop. Karla has been extremely helpful in ensuring Stella has plenty of distractions and friends to keep her busy throughout all of this.

The snow has been falling steadily and has given us more then a foot to play with. So of course I did just that. Not the way I wanted to, (sledding at Thompson Park), but I still had a lot of fun with Keri, Stella, Alysa, and Paige. The snow has always made me feel like a kid again.



Melissa said...

I think you sre doing the right thing. The snow sure does look beautiful

Tabby said...

Hi Ken

I am glad things went well with getting the order you need to protect the children. I now this must be very difficult but you are doing the right thing. Im glad the snow made you feel like a kid again.