Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Turning bad things in good things.

---Monday, November 17th: Today, I turned the accursed Monday into something better. The morning was difficult, only because I felt so drained and just not well. I had only one task after getting the kids off to school. That was picking up the service paperwork from the Sheriff’s clerk office. I had to file it with Family Court for this coming Friday’s hearing. It took most of my morning to accomplish this small task. Karla was not feeling well so I help her out a little.
She had Grant over while Mom (Allison) was out at an appointment. This little boy can get into anything, and is usually the center of attention.
I took the day slow and allowed myself to just relax. It feels like events have been going by so fast lately and just barely within my control. I spent the evening with the kids and helped Karla rest. I made sure her dogs and cats were taken care of. Bell and Ranger, the dogs. Fluffy and Jade, the cats. I picked up our kids at the bus stop and was swamped with more then just mine. Chris and April joined us as well as Bryce. April is holding Fluffy.

Stella had received a special gift from me on Sunday night and she wanted to get back to it. To everyone else it’s just a rag doll. To us, it’s a special rag doll. This doll was my Mom’s and Stella calls it Stella K. It is the doll that Mom had with her when she passed away. My Mom had died of a form of Alzheimer Disease called Dementia. My Mom passed on just prior to Stella being born. Stella is proud to share the name with her Grandmother. I have talked for long periods to Stella about her Grandmother and how I still feel her in my life. I have been keeping this doll safe for her, until she was old enough to take care of it. Now it seemed to be just the right time, because Stella uses Stella K to keep the nightmares away. I could never be happier and a little misty eyed when I watch her sleeping and holder her doll close.

- Ken


Melissa said...

thats so sweet that you gave Stella her grandmothers doll :)

Aleera said...

Oh my goodness I thought the hospital got ride of that doll when gram died. I am glade that you gave it to stella. Gram gave that doll to mother to give to me and then when I was at the hospital grandmother wanted it so bad so I gave it back. Mom and me thought that the hospital would give it away to someone else but they didn't you had it. I had fun with that doll I am pretty sure that Stella will too.

Tabby said...

Stella is just beaming with that doll. I am your Monday was not too bad. I am interested in hearing if Linda got to KY, or can she not call you? I know you are taking care of the kids wonderfully I hope you have some private time to do something nice for yourself too...you deserve it.