Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Weekend

--Saturday, November 1st, the last of the 5 girls had finally fallen asleep about 1:30 a.m., which was Emma. For a 3 year old she had a lot of energy. Her and her sister Madison was at each other until I found a way to keep them separated. I woke them all up relatively early and got them dressed for the day. We all headed to my house for brunch. The Mom’s had not made it back home yet, and I didn’t feel comfortable cooking in someone else’s kitchen. Later in the day, Karla checked in, made sure the kids were okay. The kids were doing everything; playing on the Wii, “chasing the horses”, and I even hear the song “I kissed a girl”, being sung by Keri, Alysa, Stella and Paige.

Then all of the kids started singing different songs, including Christmas songs. When Karla made it home I brought her the kids and a Subway. The kids and I helped to clean up the mess they had made.

I had invited Paige and Alysa over to spend the night with Stella. Karla didn’t have plans for anything and found herself with no kids. Well I would up with the same girls over at my house till Sunday afternoon. Trust me I wasn’t complaining. I haven’t heard this much laughter in my house in a long time. I grilled up some hamburgers and hotdogs for dinner. Took dinner over to Karla and allowed her time to go out again.

All day Sunday was filled with activities and games that kept the girls from getting bored. Stella was really enjoying herself and so was Keri, who surprisingly enough took a day off from her boyfriend to help me out. Keri got the girls into more singing. I think Christmas is going to make an early appearance at my house. She even helped me with cooking lunch?!!

Sunday Dinner was simple because I had agreed to take Stella by the hospital to visit with Linda. For the first time in a week, Stella actually had one on one attention from Linda. Linda had set up some pictures for the two of them to color. Keri had come along for moral support, but after getting snubbed by Linda she waited outside the ward reading a book. Linda was trying her best to get information out of Stella about what out activities were and Stella would just answer “I’ve just been doing kid things”. I don’t know why Stella was omitting so much from Linda. She only said that she had gotten a lot of candy for Halloween and was “having fun with Paige and Alysa. And two girls you haven’t met before Mom, Madison and Emma.” I kept getting strange looks from Linda and a sense that she did not like the idea of Stella withholding information. After the visit I asked Stella why and she only said that “I was afraid that Mom would get angry at you again Dad.” Here I was thinking that I was protecting her from dealing with the stress. Who would have thought that an 8 year old could be trying to protect me? So much for keeping her out of it! It was time for us to go home, unwind and get ready for another school week.



Tabby said...

Hi Ken,
Glad the weekend went well, Im glad the kids had some more friend. I hope you do not mind but I put your link on my site to get you some more readers. I think many people would love to give you some support that you need.

ELLIE said...

Your 8 year old is wise beyond her years - kids can deal with more then we give them credit - just give them the chance - I hope your stress level lessens and you start to find joy!
p.s. I came by here from tabby's blog

Paula said...

Stella sounds like an old soul! Smart little girl. I love the Halloween pics...great costumes.
I've read the events of the past month that your family has gone through and I know you must have a tremendous faith in God to have been able to endure it all.
You've got more friends online now for support!

Missie said...

I'm so sorry about all the stuff your family is going thru right now. Sending prayers!