Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Playing Catch-up

--On Tuesday, October 28th, I had an appointment with Victim Assistance to start the protection order. I sat in their office going over all the things that had happened. They provided a great deal of assistance in preparing my Petition for Protection Order and the Petition for Temporary Custody of Stella. After they had all of the information needed they told me to return later for the review of the documents. I used the time to clear my head and make a few phone calls. I made a trip to the hospital to check on Linda’s health. I found her still in the emergency room. This in itself was a little strange, because the previous two times she was taken up on the same day.

The visit was a very tense of course, but that’s was expected. I saw the damage she’d done to her wrist and decided to wait a few days before Stella came to visit. This was not something for her to see.

I returned to the Court House to check on the status of the petitions and after reviewing them, Danielle stayed with me until they I filed them with Family Court. They had the Request for an Emergency in with the paperwork; so I was able to get a hearing the following morning at 8:30. I thanked Danielle for her assistance and mad arrangements to meet before the hearing. The evening was spent with Karla’s family and preparing for my meeting with the Judge. Our first snow of the season was coming down outside and I was doing my best to enjoy. I felt like a kid again



Melissa said...

Im glad the snow helped u feel like a kid again

Tabby said...

I'm glad you updated your journal I was hoping things where ok. Im on to read your next entry. Take care!