Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy Halloween

--This was the most complicated day of the whole week, but in a good way. It started with getting the girls dressed in their costumes, for school. I couldn’t get a picture of Keri, because she was shy about being caught in a dress of any sort. Especially this outfit, it showed too much of her legs. The younger ones were all excited by the time we hit the bus stop. They all loaded into my van to stay warm. Bryce (Daughter of my Battalion Chaplain) joined us.

Karla joined me for the Primary School’s parade and Halloween Party. I was fun to get down with these kids. They had a lot more energy then us parants.

After the party we had to rush off to pick-up Alysa from her school, run to McDonald's for a quick dinner and get home. We were expecting more kids over and wanted to be ready for Trick or Treat. Keri desided to spend the evening with her boyfriend. Stella was a Fairy. Alysa was a Black Cat. Paige was a Cute Bunny. Madison was a Little Devil. And Emma was a Little Fairy.

After all of this and all of the sugar, my evening wasn't done. Karla, Alison, and Liz were planning a Lady's Night Out. So it was just the 5 girls for the night with me babysitting.



Melissa said...

looks like a fun Halloween :)

Tabby said...

What great pictures, I really enjoyed them. I am glad you all got to enjoy the holiday.