Saturday, October 4, 2008

The bright side to all of this?

The past 24 hours has shown some improvements. The improvements that make you stop and hold your breath for fear that it might be a house of cards. I have seen Linda work hard to lift herself up out of the depression. Although she has managed to stay awake and involved all day, we have no choice but to be careful of what we say or do. In the late afternoon/ early evening I was talking with her about things that I had accomplished. She misunderstood something and fell again.

It took an all evening trip through memory lane to help her back up. But at least I was able to help her. Her psychologist appointment went well and has agreed that more frequent visits were needed. Her next appointment is on Tuesday. That appointment I will be joining her and using it as a base for marriage counseling and for me a little coping shills!? I could use that! Anyway, it is a sign of progress. I hope that it is, anyway.

Stella and Page (Stella’s friend), played and laughed all night. It’s amazing to me, how the laughing and giggling of young kids can be infectious. They would do something or come and pester me for some attention that kept me smiling all night. They certainly kept my spirits up. Tomorrow, I will be taking them out swimming and give them some needed attention. Stella has been cooped up with the stresses for far too long. They are excited. I find that son am I, it would be nice to get away and do something/anything that is not involving this gloomy house.

Keri spent the evening at Ben & Wendy’s house with her boyfriend Jamie. I am happy that she found someone that treats her with respect and helps to keep her distracted from problems at home. Being a teenage comes with its own depressions and hardships. If she has someone that helps provides the strength to work through her issues and coping skills. Then, for the moment, it helps me. After all I’m only one person.
I know that each one of the kids will be meeting a councilor to ensure they can put the past several weeks into perspective. I don’t want to see anyone go through this and be scarred. The pain is like violence; it comes in cycles. From my past, I’ve learned the value of breaking that cycle as early as possible.

Last time, I said there was a bright side to all of this. Well there is a bright side. I have not lost sight of whom and what I’m about. I have not lost my faith in God. And the strength that comes from my friends and God will allow me to see this through. I have no choice; my children need me to make the right choices.



Zach said...

I was just browsing through and came across your blog. Keep up the faith, good work and good attitude!

Carlos said...

I like you Blog.

Melissa said...

u seem like such a good father and a caring man, just hold on to the promises of God, he'll never let u down.